A drabble is defined as a story of 100 words. On the Faramir Fics Livejournal community, we are offered periodic challenges for drabbles. I have discovered I love the format: it requires the discipline of poetry, with fewer rules. How exciting to make every word count!

My first drabble was only 51 words. I worked at it some more and finally got it to 78. So I called it a "drab" (Steward). The others all clock in at exactly 100 words except for "Third Impressions", which is 99 (I just couldn't find that last word). They're listed here along with approximate dates written, and a description of the challenge they were written for.

I expect I'll be adding regularly to my drabbles page, as I find them to be a wonderful writing exercise, frequently helping me solidify moments which then get used in later stories (an extended version of The Tree of Gondor gets used in Lost and Found, and Burning will appear, at least in part, in an upcoming story).

Steward - my first drabble - a "drab" (only 78 words), and the first Faramir and Aragorn I wrote. Aragorn reflects on his Steward. (G) 3/04
Burning - for the challenge "Insomnia". Faramir confronts his father's Palantir. (PG) 5/04
The Tree of Gondor - for the challenge "Like Father Like Son". Faramir discusses the strength of his father compared to himself. (G) 6/04
Consecration - for the challenge "Anything but Angst". Faramir and Eowyn explore Emyn Arnen. (PG) 6/04
Companions - for the challenge "Different POV". Aragorn considers his drinking companion for the evening. (G) 6/04
To Be a King - for the challenge "Through Faramir's Eyes". Faramir notes the challenges faced by his liege. (G) 7/04
Third Impressions - for the challenge "First Impressions". Eomer reflects on his future brother in law. (G) 7/04

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