Updated 9/29/04

After more than 2 years "dry", I was thrilled when the writing bug bit me again, and what it bit me on was Lord of the Rings, most specifically the character of Faramir.  I'd been a huge fan of the books in high school, but don't recall that I had a particular favorite character (Eowyn, perhaps).  When the movies came out, I was all about Aragorn.  But somewhere around the 6th viewing of Return of the King, suddenly Faramir jumped off the screen and into my heart.  I've been happily writing ever since.

I primarily write movieverse fiction, but heavily influenced by the books, including characters, situations and settings that never occurred in the movies.  However, my "The Steward and the King" series is primarily bookverse, as the first several stories take place between Aragorn's coronation and the time Arwen arrives in Minas Tirith.

The stories posted here are my first forays into LotR fiction, and as I go, I hope they improve.  In any case, let me know what you think.

The Steward and the King: an ongoing series of short stories examining the relationship between Faramir and Aragorn.  Non"/".  Based on the books' timeline, but drawing heavily from the films in terms of characterization.

Initiation.  Following his coronation, the new King Elessar is relying on his Steward to "show him the ropes".

Promises. Just how much of Eowyn's seemingly miraculous recovery can be attributed to the attentions of Gondor's Steward? Aragorn decides it is time to question Faramir about his intentions regarding Rohan's princess.

Son of Gondor.  Aragorn has a past in Gondor, and when Faramir learns of it, he wonders what else his liege hasn't told him.

Lost and Found.  When Faramir disappears one afternoon, Aragorn is mystified.  But he eventually finds his Steward in a place he didn't expect.

Visions.  Coming to terms with his father's suicide is a far more difficult task than Faramir had imagined.  Aragorn, knowing how it preys on his Steward, attempts to help--with potentially disastrous results. (coming soon)


The Prince of Ithilien:  a novel and a supplemental story that deal with Faramir and Eowyn's betrothal, marriage, struggles, joys, and eventual move to Emyn Arnen in Ithilien.  Primarily movieverse, with bookverse details added (such as Prince Imrahil).

Part I - Rohan.  Two months is a long time for newly pledged lovers to be separated.  When Faramir accompanies Theoden's funeral train to Edoras, he is uncertain of the welcome he'll receive there--not only from his intended, but also from her brother, to whom he has yet to make his intentions known.

Part II - Gondor.  Eowyn is coming to Gondor to be married!  Ordinarily, this would thrill Faramir beyond measure, but troublesome news from Ithilien's borders threaten to destroy all his and Eowyn's plans and dreams.

Part III - Ithilien.  Newly married, Faramir finds himself without his bride as he patrols North Ithilen to protect her borders.  A savage attack changes everything and could destroy his fledgling marriage.

Part IV - Minas Tirith.  Faramir is recovering from his injuries, but some wounds go deeper than flesh.  It's up to Eowyn and Aragorn to heal Faramir's heart and his soul.

Emyn Arnen - Set six months after Part IV, Faramir and Eowyn are building their home and their paradise in Emyn Arnen.  A surprise visit from the King and Queen, however, brings home the fact that though they have left the walls of Minas Tirith behind, they have not abandoned their obligations to either crown nor country. (added 9/29/04)

Drabbles - very short ficlets of 100 words, mostly written for drabble challenges in the Faramir_Fics Livejournal community.

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