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Necklaces For Sale

Our current inventory of necklaces for sale.

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Purple stretch choker (only)

Green gargoyle pendant

Green net collar

Queen Mab collar

Emerald Lace necklace

 Strawberry/blue lace agate trio

Mermaid spiral

Xhosa collar

Sunstone/Kyanite necklace/bracelet

 Falling water necklace

Brass scent bottle

Silver/pink spiral

Purple/gold petersburg chain

Rootbeer ice choker

Amanda choker

Springtime ogalala necklace

ithilien (juniper) PMC pendant

Hobbiton (Oak) PMC pendant

Imladris (gingko) PMC Pendant

Muscovite & kyanite necklace

Pastel pearl sparkle duo-strand necklace

Copper glitter spiral

Green dragon scales


Copper spiral bakelite necklace

Mauve and Swarovski choker

Lariat with pearl shell dangles

Nepal Chain

Blue lace agate pendant

Pink pearls silver necklace

Net with dk. green pearl drops

Gray, white, green jasper fan pendant

Pink seeds w green twist bugles

 Pink net w peach pearls and firepolish

Multi net with pearls

Pink, green net firepolish drops

Gray-mauve net w Swarovski pearls and crystals

Agate pink and gray spiral chain

Green pearls and multi seeds spiral wrap around

Peach pearls w multi spiral wrap around

Purple foam with Swarovski

Black and gold netting w gold firepolish drops

Aqua net and firepolish necklace and earrings

Blue seeds and pearls

Strawberry quartz necklace

Carved jasper rose quartz necklace.

Faceted firepolish with gold accents (necklace only)

Tri color yellow seeds, yellow quartz


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