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Back in 1994, we got the idea for a cycle of stories which dealt with young Peter Caine, from his days in the orphanage through his high school years with the Blaisdells. This epic actually started with a small idea - a kernel in a little story, Family Matters. And from there it sort of - grew. We'd seen Peter Caine at the temple, and we know present-day Peter. But we were intrigued by the idea of Peter during those crucial adolescent years, as he struggled to reconcile his past with his present (a struggle which continued throughout the series) and tried to make himself fit in with his new life and family. We wanted to see the kid who became the adult we met in the pilot.

Obviously, many others were as intrigued with this idea as we were, because Child of the Moving Tide got an outstanding reception upon its publication. The print-zine remained in print for almost 5 years and went through many, many reprintings. Our good friend, Kate Nuernberg, was kind enough to read the cycle and like it well enough to be willing to edit it, as well as publish it initially, and for that we will be eternally grateful. Linda Fairbanks, Jeanne's roommate, also provided early editing assistance, as well as the wonderful cover illustration you saw as you entered this site. Without these two individuals, these stories would never have seen the light of day.

In 1997, we wrote four additional stories in the cycle, In the Company of Strangers, which is an orphanage story, and Heroes, Epiphany and Young Friends and Old Whiskey, which pick up where the original cycle left off and look at Peter after high school, as a cadet in the police academy and as a rookie cop. These stories were published as part of the zine "Reflections". However, this web site is the first time all Child of the Moving Tide stories are being presented together, in their correct order.

Special thanks to all our friends and fellow fans who supported this effort, and who've enjoyed Child of the Moving Tide over the years. We'd especially like to thank Michael Sloan, Executive Producer of KF:TLC, for his support of the fans over the years, and for providing such fertile fodder in the KF:TLC universe that such a story cycle became possible. And to the cast of KF:TLC, especially David Carradine, Chris Potter, Robert Lansing, Janet-Laine Green, Nathaniel Moreau and Robert Bednarski, for developing characters so real we could easily put them in situations and let them talk to us.

Child of the Moving Tide is dedicated, as it has been from the first, to the memory of Robert Lansing, whose characterizations throughout the years gave us much joy. And whose portrayal of Paul Blaisdell was so believable and honest that every episode he appeared in was enhanced by his presence. For more information about the "Fuie's" continuing efforts to remember Robert Lansing, visit the KF:TLC Script Collection.

When we wrote Child of the Moving Tide, it was our first publishing effort, and feedback was vital to us. While we may be old zine and publishing hands by now, we still need and crave the feedback. Please e-mail Jeanne and/or Signe and let us know what you think. There may still be some "Child" stories in our future, dealing specifically with the orphanage years. Interested? Let us know.

Meanwhile, enjoy the stories.

Jeanne DeVore & Signe Hovde

PS: "Child of the Moving Tide" and "Young Friends and Old Whiskey" are both taken from songs by the late Canadian folk-singer, Stan Rogers. "Child of the Moving Tide" comes from the song "Bluenose", and "Young Friends and Old Whiskey" from "Giant".

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