Child of the Moving Tide

Table of Contents:


Unfinished Business August 1978
Peter decides on a course of action to "rescue" him from the drudgery of the orphanage.

In the Company of Strangers January - March 1979
Peter Caine has two fosterings which end in disaster.

The Kindness of Strangers April 1980
Paul Blaisdell meets and takes an interest in Peter Caine.

Brave New World June 1980
Peter comes to live with the Blaisdells and discovers that living with them is different than visiting them.

Independence Day July 2-6, 1980
Three weeks into his stay with the Blaisdells, Peter decides he'll never fit in and runs away to Chinatown.

Dragons in the Night July 1980
Peter wakes with nightmares; Paul seeks to know their cause.

The Height August 1980
Peter has a close encounter with a roof after a storm.

The Young Man and The Sea August 12-24, 1980
In honor of Peter's 15th birthday, the Blaisdell family goes on a trip to the seaside.

The First Nowell November/December 1980
Peter's first Christmas with the Blaisdells, and his struggle to reconcile that Christian holiday with his Buddhist past.

Shining Armor May 1981
Ten year old Kelly finds a hero in her new older brother.

Kept in the Dark October 1981
Paul is called away by the government and Peter fears for his own fate should anything happen to Paul.

Rough Guide October 1981
Deciding he doesn't spend enough time with him, Paul takes Peter fishing.

Boys and Girls Together April 1982
Peter and his girlfriend are incautious and must suffer the possible consequences.

Skeletons in the Closet November 1982
Peter learns that the Blaisdell family are not what they seem.

The Caine Mutiny March 1983

Peter discovers the consequences of disobeying Paul. He also discovers the meaning of the word "hangover."

Protecting the Innocent September 1983
Peter is almost suspended from school for fighting; it's up to Paul to find out the reasons for these fights.

Crossroads June 1984
Peter is about to graduate from high school, but is unsure what to do with the rest of his life.

Heroes November 1985
Police Academy Cadet Peter Caine is involved in a fire at the high school.

Epiphany April 1988
Peter's first kill as a rookie cop forces him to examine his life and beliefs.

Young Friends and Old Whiskey June 1990
Paul Blaisdell returns from a "mission" and seeks sanctuary with his son..

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