Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

I got hooked on KF:TLC in January of 1994 and wrote my first Fufic shortly thereafter. I have written a couple dozen stories in this universe during the past 4 years. My pride an joy is a co-written effort with Signe Hovde entitled Child of the Moving Tide, which is a cycle of 16 stories taking young Peter Caine from the orphanage through his high school years with the Blaisdells.

Most of the stories represented here were originally in zines which are now out of print. A couple of them first appeared on the KFFIC or the KFFIC-L Internet mailing lists.

Enjoy these works of fiction, and let me know what you think.

Child of the Moving Tide: At last, available on the web in its entirety, all 20 stories which make up the "Child" cycle: the 16 which first appeared in the original "Child of the Moving Tide", and the four which appeared in "Reflections I". This is a cycle of stories which take young Peter Caine from his orphanage days through his high school years with the Blaisdells...and beyond.

Family Matters: The original short story from which "Child of the Moving Tide" grew. Annie and Kelly Blaisdell have been injured in a car accident. While waiting at the hospital for news, Peter Caine reflects on how he first met the Blaisdell family.

The Dangling Conversation: Paul Blaisdell and Kwai Chang Caine meet for the first time over Peter Caine's hospital bed (immediately following "Initiation").

Generation to Generation: Immediately following "The Sacred Chalice of I-Ching", Peter and Caine take some time to get to know Matthew Caine. And Peter learns some things about his father, and himself. (originally published in "The Uncarved Block")

Tea and a Certain Lack of Sympathy: After Caine's return, Annie Blaisdell lets him in on a few home truths about himself, his son, and being a parent. (originally published in "Enter the Grasshopper #2")

Reach out and Touch Someone: Will wonders never cease? Kwai Chang Caine gets a telephone! (originally published in "Enter the Grasshopper #2.5")

Choices: A sequel to "Consulting Fee", which was originally published in Shades of Green. Kermit and Karen Simms continue to explore their relationship while learning to come to terms with the choices they have made in their lives. WARNING: Rated R for adult content.

The Promise: Paul Blaisdell asks something very special of Kwai Chang Caine. (originally published in "Sound of the Flute")

Sole Surviving Son: Paul Blaisdell is dead, and it is up to Peter to keep the family together through this time of difficulty--no matter the cost to himself. (originally published in "Sound of the Flute")

Our Finest Gifts We Bring....: The annual 101st precinct "Secret Santa" grab-bag brings consternation for Mary Margaret Skalany...who draws Kermit's name. Co-written with Merle Micklin.

Skeletons in the Closet: Not the story by the same name in "Child of the Moving Tide", but the story which came first. Same idea, different setting. Peter learns that the Blaisdell family are not what they seem.

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