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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues


Reflections is now available from Agent With Style

Online stories

Child of the Moving Tide A cycle of twenty stories which deal with young Peter Caine, from his days in the orphanage through his years with the Blaisdells. Written by Jeanne DeVore and Signe Hovde.

The Promise and Sole Surviving Son. Originally appearing in Deb Walsh's "Sound of the Flute", these are two linked stories, alternate to "Retribution", which deal with Blaisdell's death. Written by Jeanne DeVore. Kleenex warning.

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The KF:TLC Script Collection

(Benefitting the American Cancer Society in memory of Robert Lansing)

The KF:TLC Script Collection is now closed.  We will shortly be auctioning off the scripts, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.



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