What Goes Around....

The story you're about to read has had a wide and varied history. It began life as a story on the Buffy-Beta internet mailing list, and was known by the title "Journeys Past and Present". The response on B-Beta was extremely positive, and thanks to comments received through there, and from my other beta readers (Signe, Nea, Linda and Jan), it went on to receive several revisions.

Being an old child of zines, I just couldn't bear the thought of the story ending there, with simply a beta exposure. I like finished products. More than that, I like paper products-zines you can pick up in your hands and read over and over again without having to be chained to a PC. Stories you can (as one of my commenters put it) sprawl in bed munching chips and swigging Diet Cokes and lose yourself in the written word. Like Giles, I like my words to have context. I also like the idea of having illustrations to go with stories, and with my own resident illustrator, I'm that much more motivated to want to produce paper works.

So in November of 1998, I produced the story, with a new title, "Observare", as a fanzine novel, with a limited print run. It was once again very successful, so successful that it sold out in only a few months, and I continued to receive questions about it's availability.

So then I took it to its final destination-a web page. It had always been in the back of my mind that I'd eventually put the story on the web. But as it's now been a year since it's initial publication, and almost six months since it went out of print, I trust those who bought the zine in paper won't feel cheated that they paid money for something that's now available for free. Believe me, the paperzine was a good deal, and the illustrations look far better in person than they do on the web. Not only that, but there are two illos in the paperzine which have not made the transition to web document. I don't know whether they eventually will or not-I don't have one of the originals anymore, as it was sold at auction at MediaWest last year. And it's really up to Linda if she wants the others to be available on the web.

Thanks go, as always, to my roommate and resident illustrator, Linda Fairbanks, for the wonderful cover and interior art. While I was busy working on this story, she was taking a portrait drawing class and considered working on the zine as "homework". Hey, glad to oblige! Thanks also to my beta-readers/editors, Nea Dodson and Signe Hovde who know when to indulge me and when to sit down hard. To Jan Kraft, for additional editing assistance. To Kate Nuernberg, my zine-ish inspiration. If you're into Buffy zines, you HAVE to pick up Kate's zine, Give Blood. (Follow the link for more info-and the good news is that Kate's planning a second issue!) Not only does it have another one of my stories, but it has an absolutely sock-knocking story by Kate. To everyone on the Buffy-Beta, ASH-GASP lists last year who gave me feedback and encouragement, and especially to my cyber-sisters on JYGML. Glad to hang with you, ladies!

If you enjoy this story, let me know. Letters of comment are welcomed and begged for.

Thanks for your support. Enjoy!

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