Renewal: The day after "Buffy Vs. Dracula", Buffy and Giles reexamine the relationship between watcher and slayer. (added 9/27/2000)

Waking Up In A Coma: Giles seems to take quite a few blows on the head. But what happens when the effect of all those blows is cumulative? (This link will take you to the web site for Give Blood, a print and web zine edited by Kate Nuernberg.) (added 7/20/00)

Father Figure: Hank Summers is not all he appears to be. (This story originally appeared in the zine "Return of the Sunnydale Slayers", where it won a FanQ for best Buffy story (gen). (added 6/6/00)

Love and Be Silent: In the aftermath of "Hush", Giles and Buffy reflect on the influence of the Hellmouth on their lives and loves. (Added 12/23/99)

Heart to Heart: After Buffy's unfortunate experience with Parker ("Harsh Light of Day"), she goes to the one place she feels secure: home. (Added 10/27/99)

Common Ground: Set during the summer after graduation, Joyce Summers needs Giles' help (romance: Giles/Joyce). (coming soon)

Trust: Giles' thoughts after Buffy comes to him in the library during "Consequences". (Added 9/1/99)

Strength: Immediately following the final events in the library in "Helpless", Buffy struggles to come to terms with what has happened--especially what's happened between herself and Giles. (added 1/20/99)

Observare: (formerly known as "Journeys, Past and Present") When Buffy accompanies Giles to England to deal with the death of Giles' father, the Watcher and the Slayer learn more about their callings...and each other...than they'd expected. (Now posted in its entirety. Revised 9/30/99)

Necessity: Immediately following the party in "Dead Man's Party", Buffy and Giles finally get the chance to talk. But what they don't say is at least as important as what they do. (added 10/8/98)

Anywhere But Here: Chicago-Style: My answer to an ABH challenge to be set in our hometowns. (added 9/30/98)

A Kiss for the Dying Shortly after the events of "The Dark Age", Giles finds himself beset by a particularly alluring demon, and must find a way to destroy it before it kills him...and Xander. (This link will take you to a description of the zine this story appears in: "Give Blood"). (added 9/30/98)

Bitter Truth: After Buffy flees Sunnydale, Joyce Summers turns to the one person who can give her answers: Giles. (added 9/15/98)

Anywhere But Here: My contribution toward the ASH- GASP "Anywhere But Here" fiction challenge....

Changing: In the aftermath of "Becoming", Cordelia decides that what Willow needs to cheer up is a makeover....

By the Book: Buffy asks about the Slayer's Handbook mentioned by Kendra in "What's My Line".

The End of Innocence: An alternative post-"Innocence" story; a conversation between Giles and Jenny.

The Watcher Diaries: Excerpts from Giles' personal journal, chronicling his call as the new watcher to a young slayer in California.

Turnabout: The events between the time Jenny Calendar shoots Rupert Giles with the crossbow in the park, and they're seen kissing in the library (in the episode "Ted"). 

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